Domestic Hogs

  The Process of Butchering the Domestic Hogs

Once the hog is slaughtered it is hung in the cooler in order for the heat and moisture to be pulled out of the carcass.  The hog is monitored until it is ready to butcher.  Usual range is from 3 to 7 days.  All hog is vacuum packed and then properly labeled.  All pork is packaged according to customer specification and requests.  The pork will last up to 2 years in the freezer.

Processing Fees
Slaughter Fee: $45.00
To Cut ,Vacuum wrapped and frozen to your liking: $0.70 /lb on the DRESSED WEIGHT

*Bagged sausage choice of two: Italian, Breakfast or Plain.
**Additional Items offered with a 12lb minimum:

 Link Italian Sausage: Hot, Medium or Mild  $1.00 / lb
 Link Fresh Polish Kielbasa      $1.00 / lb
 Link Fresh Bratwurst  $1.00 / lb
 Link Breakfast or Maple (small links)  $2.00 / lb        
 Southern Style Smoked Sausage          $2.50 / lb
 Smoked Summer Sausage  $2.50 /lb
 Smoked Polish Kielbasa      $2.50 /lb

Smoking options: ham, picnic, bacon and loin roast
(CALL for prices for smoked items)  ** Extra charge applies for linked and smoke sausage.

Delivery options: $50

Pick up a hog: $75 for the first 25 miles. Call for Price

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                                            We appreciate your business.

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